My Writing Style

When a gorgeous woman asks for you help, one would be an idiot to ignore her. When that woman is Julie Particka, author of the New Adult novel, Fall With Me? Well, let’s just say that I would never say no to her, especially when the word “please” is uttered from her perfect lips.


I could stare in her eyes for hours, my fingers tangled in her hair.

Oh yes. Where was I? I was…distracted.

Yes, questions. You can read my answers while I gaze at Julie some more.


What am I working?

I am currently working on a Historical Erotica novella series involving Paul Revere. It was originally going to be in an anthology, but I ultimately decided to withdraw the story (originally a short story) in order to pursue this concept further. Paul, and the other characters in the original story, wanted more. And being the giver that I am, I decided to give them more. I was never a big history fan growing up, but something about making a beloved American Icon a smutty hero appeals to me. Currently it is at three parts, but I could probably do more. It depends on whether I can find a good home for him. Backing out of the anthology was a big risk, but sometimes you have to jump off a burning bridge to learn to fly.


How does my work differ from others in my genre?

Hm. This is a tough question. I think what’s different is that I don’t hesitate to wrench out my reader’s hearts. I think tragedy can be very sexy and ultimately, the story is primary for me. As I’ve said before, I view sex as an extra. This isn’t to say I won’t write the hottest sex scene I can, quite the contrary, but I won’t put it in there if it doesn’t fit the story.


Why do I write what I do?

She loves to tease me with this difficult questions. Honestly, I don’t think about it much. I write what comes out (no pun intended…maybe). Originally the Paul Revere story started as my other me was joking with one of his favorite authors. Ultimately, she encouraged him to write this story and then I showed up. Who knew my “innocent” YA self was such a closet perv? So, he gets to write the angsty YA and I get to write the historical smut.


How does my writing process work?

I’m still developing that process. Unlike my YA side, who is unabashedly a pantser, I am hoping to forgo pants. The big difference is that I have to research the time period I’m writing in. I can’t just pick something randomly out of the air and pretend it makes sense. So there is more preparation. I also plan on doing some outlining before I write. Something my other side is learning as well.

When I get done with the outlines, I plan on writing on a daily basis. How much that entails, we’ll see. I like music while I’m writing, but what I listen to depends on the story I’m writing. It has to fit the mood or I will get distracted. I doubt that means I’ll be listening to Barry White or something like that when I’m writing about Paul and his lover ripping each others clothes off. That, would be silly and cliche.

That’s all I have for now. I will hopefully have more updates on Paul Revere when get further into him…I mean, his story. I was supposed to tag some people in this, but most of the ones I know are from my YA side and let’s just say that I am trying to keep the two halves of myself separate as long as I can.

Smutfully Yours,



Sex is sex. Gender is an adjective.

I made this comment on twitter to very little response (read, I need more followers). Anyway, this popped into my head rather abruptly and kind of stuck. It makes sense to me in a way.

Yes. I know gender isn’t really and adjective. However in a smexy or hot scene, gender is not, or should not, be the focal point. Just as the color of someone’s hair is not the focal point. The focus should be on the emotions themselves. That’s what makes the scene sexy and hot. Yes, you need to know if person X has penis and how it will respond to the situation, however, that’s the mechanical aspects.

The one response I did get, came from the deliciously lovely Tara. Who said.

She made a good point. I think that’s also why I have no problem writing scenes with two men without having any physical desire towards men. Because it isn’t about the gender.

When I first started writing erotica, I was encouraged to write an M/M short story by the luscious Tiffany Reisz. I did write it and got a lot of amazing feedback. I remember mentioning to Tiffany that I had a physical response to some of the M/M scenes even though I wasn’t gay. Her response was that she writes a lot of scenes that she personally has no interest in, but are still hot.

So basically what I’m saying is, you can write scene between two (or more) people that is very hot, erotic, or whatever, without you, or the reader, having any desire to engage in those situations.

Hot is hot.
Sex is sex.
Gender is an adjective. It’s an extra. It’s an addon. A spice you add to a dish.

Smutfully yours,