Angel Paradise

ImageA quiet vacation away from the stress, the work, the incessant traffic, the long drive. That’s what Quinn needed. So, he dumped the job, cashed in his stock, and jetted off to a small island in the pacific. The brochures said it was a quiet paradise. Quinn called it heaven.

It was a quiet night; the moon hanging low over the beach as the waves rolled in. Quinn sat in his beach chair, drink in hand, a sense of bliss floating over him. It was paradise, it was heaven. If only it had a few angels. So far, Quinn had seen no one else. The beach-side bungalow was always stocked with food and fresh bedding, but he never saw anyone. After the last few years of the rat race, Quinn didn’t have a problem not seeing another soul.

The woman materialized out of the darkness. Her jet black hair hung loosely to her narrow waist. Her hips flared perfectly into long shapely legs. The bathing suit only enhanced her sensuality, hugging every curve, drawing the eye toward her ample breasts straining against the thin fabric.

Quinn nearly choked on his drink when he saw her. After weeks of solitude, there she was, a woman out of his dreams. She walked slowly over the sand towards him, her movements slow and graceful. Quinn was mesmerized, his body wasn’t.

The woman smiled, a seductive glint in her eye as she watched Quinn shift in his chair. The smile turned into a throaty laugh as a blush crept up his neck. Her laugh was rich, dark, and full of honey. She walked up to Quinn and stopped before him. Legs slightly parted, her hands on her hips. She looked at him with an expectant look.

“Um…” Quinn started to say before she leaned over him and placed a finger to his lips. Her skin smelled of salt and flowers.  Quinn’s tongue moved forward and lightly licked her finger, eliciting a sigh like the ocean waves.

The woman placed her hands on the chair arms, pinning him to his seat. She leaned forward, her red velvety tongue lightly licking her parted lips. Quinn wanted to taste them, but couldn’t move. She leaned in close, her lips lightly brushing his, sending a shudder through his body. Quinn felt like he would burst, he wanted her so badly. That he didn’t know her name or where she came from only added to his desire.

A smile whine escaped his throat as her tongue lightly brushed his lips. Her laughter cascaded over him and down his spine. Her breath caressed his face as she brought her mouth to his. The kiss was gentle and soft. Quinn tried to explore deeper, but she pulled back, separating her luscious mouth from his. Another whine escaped him, this one animalistic with need.

He tried to move his arms, but refused to let him move, her hands pinning him securely. Quinn’s heart raced from fear and desire. This woman could do anything and he would be powerless to stop her. The very thought made his member strain against his swimming suit, throbbing with need.

Her mouth sought his again, pressing into him. Her tongue slowly explored his mouth, her lips hungry against his. Still holding his hands firm, she straddled his thighs and rubbed up against him. Once more a shudder ran through him as he nearly came.

The woman pulled his hands up to her breasts as she continued to move her hips against his. Quinn moaned as his hands captured her breasts, his fingers finding the hard nipples through her bathing suit.

Her hands trailed down his arms, leaving goosebumps in their wake. She trailed her fingernails down his chest until she reached where his thick shaft pushed desperately for release. He moaned as her fingers slowly traced around the bulge until her hands met her own body.

The woman groaned as her hands slid under her swimsuit, fingering her wet slit. Quinn moved his hands down her body, every nerve alive. His hand slipped under her waistband. He moved them around under he felt the ties holding the bikini in place. With a slight tug, he undid the knot.

The woman whimpered and pushed one of her fingers deep within her slit, moving it in and out, her body bucking against his. The woman took her other hand and tugged at his swim suit. Quinn lifted his hips and she pulled it off, releasing his throbbing member. Quinn’s mouth was frantic against hers as he pulled the bikini off.

The woman pulled her finger from her slit and rubbed her juices along his length wetting it. She wrapped a firm hand around its base and guided it toward her slick hole. With a quick thrust of her hips, she buried him deep within her. Quinn’s body bucked as she begin moving her hips rhythmically as she rode him. In and out, faster and faster. Quinn’s heart felt like it would burst. He refused to let go. This was heaven and he refused to let it end too soon.

Her breathing quickened as she arched back from him, placing her hands on his knees, her breasts pointed to the night sky. Her moans turned to quick gasps as she moved her hips faster and faster. Quinn shouted in triumph as he came pumping within her. Her cry mingled with his as she crested.

When their spasms had ceased, the woman slid off of Quinn. She leaned forward and kissed him deeply.

“Thank you,” she whispered in his ear. “This was heaven.”

The woman bent and retrieved her discarded bikini, draped it over her shoulder, blew Quinn a kiss and disappeared into the night.