Room 408



My heart is pounding in my chest, and my palms are sweaty.  My hands shake as I desperately try to pull off my wedding ring.  I shouldn’t be here, but here I am, standing in front of Room 408.  On the other side lies damnation and ecstasy.  Who knew a girls night out would lead me here?

As I finally get the ring off my hand, thoughts of Robert float to the surface.  I shouldn’t be here, I tell myself again.  He would be devastated if he found out.  Fifteen years of marriage and I am willing to risk it all for one night with the man of my dreams.

Before I can raise my hand to knock, the door swings open.  The ring tumbles to floor, forgotten.  He’s standing there, shirt undone, exposing his smooth, hard, chest.  My hungry eyes rove over his body.  His lips quirk in a knowing smile and I want to melt into him and taste their soft perfection.  The fire burning in the pit of my stomach roars to an inferno when I look into his brown eyes, so dark they are almost black.  They are like dark obsidian pools, both frightening and inviting at the same time.  I could lose my soul in those eyes and love each moment of it, all the while begging for more.

My breath stutters and my heart lurches in my chest.  His body beckons and I am a slave to my desire.  My steps are slow and unsteady, my eyes drowning in his, as I enter the den of my ruin.  His strong arms draw me close, his luscious lips a hairsbreadth from mine.  I don’t even notice the door closing behind me.  His eyes, his lips, his body pressed against mine are all that I want.

I ache to caress his lips with mine, to let his tongue explore me, but as I move forward, he moves back, teasing.  His breath warms my lips and my tongue runs along their trembling surface wanting, desiring.  I want to run my hands through his hair and shove my tongue down his throat, but still he teases me.  He wants me to beg.  I want to beg for release.  I’m about to explode into a million pieces with desire.

It’s a game; I move forward, and he draws me further into his domain, always tempting, yet no release.  I moan in desperation.  His laugh is dark and smoky and the sound of it makes my knees buckle.  His arms tighten around me, holding me tight.  His lips brush mine.  The tip of his tongue tastes my lips and I shudder.

His mouth captures mine and my soul explodes.  Tremors cascade over my body as his tongue explores my mouth, twining with my tongue, teasing, tasting.  I melt into his mouth and moan.  My hands frantically claw at his shirt, my nails scratching the perfection of his chest.  My skirt is loosened and falls to the floor, his hand cupping my ass through the sheer fabric of my panties.

His insistent mouth moves down my neck, his tongue tracing along my collar bone as he deftly opens my blouse.  His hand brushes my nipples as they strain through the fabric of my satin bra.  My heart is slamming into my ribcage so hard it feels like it is about to explode out of my chest.  I groan and wrap my fingers through his hair, guiding his head lower.  Wanting, no, needing more of him.

His hardness strains against the fabric of his pants and I shudder with desire.  His hands explore my body, and I purr.  He hooks a finger in my bra strap, pulling it down my arm, exposing my breast.  His lips draw my nipple into his mouth and I gasp in pleasure, his tongue teasing the tip.

His strong arms lift me up and I wrap my thighs around his waist as I pull his lips up to mine.  Our lips move in a rhythm, hot and deep.  He lowers me on to the bed, my legs still around his waist.  He looks down on me, his eyes glittering with desire.  I desperately claw at his clothes, legs dropping to the bed as I pull myself up.  My hungry mouth finds his flat stomach and tastes his skin, my tongue exploring his belly button.  I take a playful bite of his soft skin and he growls deep in his throat and my body quivers in anticipation.

Finally, I loosen his belt and open his pants, releasing his straining member.  He gasps as I take it into my mouth and run my tongue over its velvety tip.  He groans as I take its length into my mouth, slowly moving up and down.  I look up and meet his eyes. They bore into me as I draw him deeper into my mouth.

He withdraws from me and I cry out.  I want him inside of me, filling me, my body aches for him.  He gently pushes me back into the bed and moves between my quivering thighs.  He slips a finger inside my panties and touches my wet mound.  I cry out as the questing finger slips inside me.  My body arches as he draws my panties down my thighs and casually tosses them aside.

I reach out to him, a plea for release from this agony.  His hot mouth finds mine and I cry out as his hard member enters me.  My cries grow as he moves deep inside and then draws out before plunging deeper inside of me.  My breath becomes ragged as I feel the wave of pleasure cresting over me.  I wrap my legs around his waist and draw him deeper still as I scream, my fingernails leaving fiery tracks down his back.  I feel him shudder as he too finds release.

He collapses against me, spent, my legs still firmly locked around his waist.  I kiss him deeply as the flames bank to a simmer.  Slowly we disentangle ourselves and he draws me to his chest as tiny tremors cascade along my body.  No words are said, none are needed.   Tonight is ours.  Tomorrow we go our separate ways.  As I drift to sleep, I realize that I don’t even know his name.


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